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If I had a dollar for every time a client asked me this question, I would be a millionaire! Of course, each time a client asks me that question, I always begin my answer with: “It depends.” Clients never like this answer, but it is the truth, it really does depend on a number of factors.

  • It depends on how long a client’s medical treatment lasts; how long it takes to obtain all of the medical bills and records related to the case; how long it takes a personal injury attorney to review all of the bills and records; how long it takes to draft and approve the demand; how long it takes for the insurance adjuster to review the records; how long it takes for the insurance adjuster to provide an offer; how responsive the insurance adjuster is in communicating to get the case settled and whether or not the client wants to accept an offer, have the personal injury attorney continue with negotiations, or proceed to trial.

  • The short answer is always: “It depends.” However, a detailed and ethical answer includes all of the aforementioned factors which determine the life span of a personal injury claim from start to settlement.

I specialize in personal injury claims, which include: car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, and accidents involving pedestrians. I also handle slip and falls, work-related accidents, as well as dog bite personal injury claims. In addition, I’m also able to help with property damage to vehicles.

The insurance company is not on your side. Consult with and hire a personal injury attorney who specializes in accident-related injuries.

So, yes, I can handle your case.

Let me begin with the fee for consultations for personal injury claims. My personal injury consultations are 100% free, always. My fee is 33 1/3% of the total settlement plus expenses if a claim is settled without filing suit. My fee is 40% of the total settlement, or verdict, plus expenses if a claim is settled after filing suit.

If no settlement is awarded, I do not charge any fees. If I don’t win your case, my fee is always zero!

Oh, how I wish I had a crystal ball and could actually provide this answer. In fact, no ethical personal injury attorney can provide this answer and shouldn’t. Truthfully, there are so many factors that determine the value of a case. Just a few factors are: the policy limits of the person who caused the injury, the client’s previous injuries, length of medical treatment, gap in medical treatment, and severity of injury, to name a few.

So, as an ethical personal injury attorney, my answer to this question is “It depends.

In Texas, most personal injury claims must be filed before two years from the date of the injury, but there are some exceptions. Each personal injury case is as unique as the client and the answer to this question is very fact-dependent on the details of the personal injury claim. Most personal injury claims that happen in Texas can be settled and resolved without a lawsuit being filed. But, if liability is being disputed or a client is still treating for their personal injuries, suit may need to be filed long before the two-year Statute of Limitations expire. (CIVIL PRACTICE AND REMEDIES CODE CHAPTER 16. LIMITATIONS (

Communication trends have changed so much since I first became a personal injury lawyer. Home phones were the way everyone would communicate, sometimes snail mail was also used! Then along came email that seemed to speed up response time and also provided a useful tool to review and save communication. But the latest trend is texting, which I also find to be incredibly useful and a quick way to exchange messages and photos regarding a client’s personal injury claim.

I communicate with my clients with whatever method they are most comfortable using, even if it is just stopping by my office for a face-to-face meeting. I also have a question on my personal injury client intake form that asks what method of communication is preferred.

My personal injury consultations are always 100% free. Each of my consultations and the intake process are lengthy because my goal is to make sure each client has all of the information and understands how a personal injury claim works, regardless if they hire me or not. In addition, I also discuss any property damage that may have occurred so that I can assist with that, as well. A consultation for a personal injury claim should always be done with a personal injury attorney to answer any and all legal questions and the process of the claim from beginning to end.

I personally meet with every client during the personal injury consultation. I also make every effort to communicate with clients, but there are occasions when one of my staff will reach out to clients to answer questions and obtain documents. I believe it is important for every client to have access to their attorney at a personal injury firm and that is how I run my personal injury practice. I also provide my personal cell phone number to every client to call or text. So, the short answer is, yes, every client has access and can speak to me directly.

Qualified Personal Injury Attorney

Injured? Mandy Rodriguez Law provides expert, compassionate legal support. Free consultations and no fees unless we win. Contact us today to get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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With Years Of Experience

Mandy Rodriguez Law offers a wealth of knowledge and expert navigation in her field. To ensure client satisfaction, all consultations are free and there are no fees unless our firm wins. Call Mandy today to begin your journey to justice and recovery.

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Compassion And Empathy

Mandy Rodriguez Law ensures top-notch legal support for personal injury claims. Mandy understands the emotional turmoil an injury creates and advocates 110% for every client. Therefore, every personal injury consultation is always free and there are no fees unless your case is won. 

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Departure so attention pronounce satisfied daughters am. But shy tedious pressed studied opinion entered windows off. Advantage dependent suspicion convinced.

Why Choose Mandy?

      Mandy is known for her compassion and dedication to her clients, always putting their needs first and listening carefully to their concerns.

      She easily explains how personal injury law applies to your unique claim and injury. Her vast experience and sincere dedication enables Mandy to expertly advocate for a wide range of claims. When you choose Mandy Rodriguez Law, you are also choosing a personal injury lawyer who will fight passionately for your rights and compensation.

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